My 10k Experience  

As you probably know on Sunday I ran the Hull 10k. Now if you read my latest post you’ll know I was struggling with a hip injury and was out of training in the run up to the race. After a week and a half of resting I began training again with low impact cardio. I walked 10-30 mins on the treadmill (inc 6 speed 6) 5 times a week for the final run up to the race.

It was a 10am start to the race and while the weather wasn’t perfect it wasn’t all that bad. I managed to complete it in 1:21:25 which is a time I’m proud of, considering I didn’t really train properly.

During the run up to the race I had talked myself out of running in the future, but after seeing what I could do with almost no training I’m so excited to see how I would have fared up with proper training. So I have every intention of entering another 10k next year with the aim of crushing my time!

I know my body wasn’t ready, after the run I began suffering with joint pain in my hips and knees and aches in the back and ribs; but these are all things that would be better had I prepared for the run. I don’t think I’d ever run further than 10k but the experience was lovely and everyone there to support were so nice cheering and shouting to everyone running.

Whether you’re a seasoned runner or like me, don’t run, I highly recommend it; even just a fun run round your local park! If you have any runs coming up this summer, good look and enjoy them!

Roll on next year!!


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