Adidas Gazelle| Review

So this past weekend I have finally got my hands on a pair of the Adidas Gazelle’s! I’ve loved the look of these shoes for a while now and I can honestly say they’ve lived up to my expectations. The shoes are so comfy, low rise leather and suede trainers with a slightly built up sole. One feature I wasn’t so sure on initially was the in built arch, on the inner sole of the shoe. The arch comes slightly higher than my natural arch, however after walking around in them for a few days I came to discover this is not a problem at all. The suede isn’t ideal if you’re looking for waterproof footwear but this can be rectified by buying a waterproofing spray. My only complaint isn’t necessarily to Adidas themselves, but the shoes have obviously been so popular that when I went to buy a pair they only had one colour in my size, so I didn’t have as much choice as I would have liked. They aren’t the cheapest of shoes but given the quality and how beautiful they are, I’d say they were worth it.


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