Protein Milkshakes?!

I’m sure you’ve all seen the hype over the new Mars and Snickers Protein Chocolate Bars. I personally have been dying to try one since their release, what I didn’t know was that they have also released Mars and Snickers Protein Milk Drinks…Protein Milkshakes!


I tried the Mars drink and my boyfriend had the Snickers, both bought for £2 in Tesco. We used the drinks as a bit of a pre-workout pick me up and I can honestly say I was pleased with the result. Today was leg day so I needed all the energy I could get. While they don’t quite taste the same as a Mars Milkshake they aren’t far off, the only downside being a strange slightly tangy aftertaste, but nothing that abnormal to the average Whey Protein user.

Here’s how they fared up when compared to MyProtein Whey (Coffee Caramel flavour):

        protein milkshake.jpg

So despite being a hell of a lot higher in Fats and Carbs they do have a high Protein level. If you’re trying to loose a bit of body fat I wouldn’t suggest them everyday but for a treat or for a bit of a change once in a while, why not swap that protein shaker for a milkshake?


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