Staying Fit at University


Student life is famous for hangovers, Domino’s and countless cups of coffee. But having been at university 6 months now I’ve uncovered a few tricks on surviving uni the healthy…ish way, and on a student budget. I’m still in the process of finding anything more comforting that chocolate but I’ve learnt that by choosing the healthy option 90% of the time I don’t feel guilty when I do go out and enjoy myself or have that bar of chocolate instead of an apple. Going to university doesn’t have to make you feel sluggish and spotty, take advantage of your new found freedom and embrace the opportunity to become your inner fitness freak.

Food Prep

This is the most important tip I have, prep your food before you’re going to eat it. Personally, I’ve been cooking two-three meals at once and then popping them in the fridge ready for when I need them. If you take lunch with you, you’re less likely to buy something that will not only be expensive but is also highly likely to be unhealthy. It might not be as appetising as a slice of pizza after a three hour lecture but you’ll feel less stodgy and it’ll work out cheaper in the long run. I’ve been using muscle food for their pre-cooked food but you can make whatever you want, put it in a tub and you’re good to go.


If you’ve read my post on hydration, then you will know how important water is and how much you should be drinking. If you haven’t I suggest you go and read it now here. Hydration is important not only for your general health but especially if you’re going to be drinking regularly. So buy a big water bottle and never let it leave your side. I put slices of lemon or fresh fruit in mine so that it tastes nicer but drinking weak cordial or even tea is just as good for you. So bottoms up.


University is possibly the best opportunity for exercise you’re ever going to get. There are countless teams and sports clubs to join so take advantage of this. Not only will joining a team keep you fit it will also introduce you to new people who aren’t on the same course as you. Most universities also have an on campus gym which is really convenient for a quick session between lectures. Also, be sure to look out for student deals at your local gym, make the most of student discount!


Despite all this, health isn’t just about your body. Try not to get overwhelmed. It may feel like you’ve been thrown in the deep end but you’ll get there. Make sure you plan enough time in your day to get everything done and make the most of your time. Don’t panic if you have to miss a night out to finish an assignment, you’ll feel better in the long run. Eat pizza and go on a night out, but also make sure you look after yourself. Most importantly, have fun!


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