Healthy Snack Favourites

I LOVE food. And as you may know I’m currently on a mission to increase my size which means I need to be in a caloric surplus, basically eat a lot more food! While this may sound easy in theory it has proven to be rather difficult as I, like many others, have a really busy and varied schedule. Some days I’m at home and can eat what/when I want but other days I am on the go and may not have thought ahead to meal prep or have the opportunity to eat full meals. This is where snacking has come in handy for me. While I would prefer to eat larger more nutrient dense meals, I have found some (not so unhealthy) snacks that do the trick.


First up is The Food Doctor, spicy chipotle soya and corn crisp thins. These are so much better for you than your average bag of crisps and are the most morish snack in the history of the planet! I get these from WHSmiths and they last me about 0.5 seconds. Not only are they low in fat but their protein content is high which means you have no reason to feel guilty for digging in.


Next up is for all those chocoholics. These Kallo chocolate rice cake thins are amazing! They’re not as heavy as chocolate while still hitting that sweet tooth spot. The rice cake means they’re satisfying but not sickly and they’re a perfect for dipping on your tea break.

If you follow me on Twitter then you know that I have recently found a real obsession with Pip&Nut nut butters. Especially, the coconut and almond butter (I didn’t have any left for the picture…too yummy) which I’ve been having on just about everything at the moment. These sachets that they come in are perfect for popping in your bag and squeezing on fruit, rice cakes or just in your mouth! And, they’re palm oil free which is something that is very important to me when choosing a nut butter.



Nakd bars have always been an obsession of mine, my favourite is the cherry bakewell but this latest discovery has been creeping close behind. Nakd bars will always have a place in my heart as they’re so convinient and so refreshing, unlike a cereal bar or chocolate bar.



Last on my list is a drink…but also an obsession! I have been going crazy for Liptopns raspberry iced tea recently. It’s so refreshing and delicious that I struggle to not drink it all in one go. Definitely find one of these in your local shop and try it! They’re not ideal as they do have sugars and unnatural sweeteners in them but every once in a while won’t hurt you.