Should you be drinking more water?

Why is water so important? Your body is 70% water, it uses water to regulate your temperature, lubricator your joints and to assist in the passage of food through the body, to name a few. A huge number of people don’t drink enough water and in a world where you have clean water readily available we need to take advantage and drink up.

You can recieve some water through foods, like soups, cucumbers and oranges, but most of our water intake comes from drinking water and other beverages.

Water is lost throughout the day through bodily functions, like sweating, crying or peeing, even through breathing! So we need to keep our body rehydrated.

But you need to be careful, while you may think you’re obtaining water by drinking things like coffee or tea or alcohol you’re actually losing water as these cause the body to lose water.

Water is used to ensure your kidneys are functioning properly and to move minerals and nutrients around the body, so with my water, everything flows easier.

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So how much should you drink? 

It is currently suggested that males should drink around 3 litres a day and females should drink around 2.2 litres a day. That may sound like a lot but by drinking little and often throughout the day you can achieve that in no time.

If you’re exercising it is incredibly important to stay hydrated, especially as it’s getting hotter so try out this Hydration Calculator to see how much you should drink before exercising to ensure you don’t become dehydrated.


Failed Veganism? | Update and lifestyle changes!

As you will know if you’re reading this I have decided to revamp and relaunch my blog! I thought i’d give you a little update.

I have recently firmed an unconditional offer to go to university next year! I will be studying Sports and Exercise Nutrition starting in September. I’m so excited to get started and learn about something I’m passionate about. I will definitely be writing a university series closer to September with some tips and tricks about moving out, shopping and handling your food shopping!

As many of you will know, in late June last year I decided to go vegan. Now I’m gonna be honest, I’m not still following this diet, because about a month ago I chose to start eating dairy again. This isn’t just because I missed having a bar of chocolate to get me through college, although I did! While I had thoroughly researched veganism and planned healthy balanced meals which gave me all of my protein and fats, I wasn’t following through on this. I was eating more and more meals which consisted of meat replacements and bread, rather than kidney beans, quinoa and sufficient veggies. I wasn’t giving myself enough fats and was therefore craving carbs and fatty foods, like my vegan sausage sandwiches. Now don’t get me wrong, in no way am I slating the vegan diet or saying it’s unhealthy as I know plenty of healthy vegans. It just didn’t suit me. I am an avid gym goer and I just wasn’t seeing the same results as before when I had the protein from dairy in my diet. Even with protein supplements from pea or soy I wasn’t happy. So, to start with, I introduced eggs back into my diet. I decided I wasn’t going to buy my eggs from the supermarket as I wanted to be completely sure they were from good healthy chickens. Now the only way to know this is to go to a farm and see for myself, so that’s what I did. Luckily for me there’s a farm in the village near to where I live so bright and early Sunday morning Paul and I pulled up outside the farm and went to meet some chickens.  Not only were the eggs cheap at almost 3 dozen for £6!! There is such a difference in quality to ordinary free range eggs. I know it’s not always convenient to buy your eggs from a farm, but it is easier than you think and setting out time once a week to go, buying in bulk and organizing your meals will make this easier.

I’ve chosen to change my diet this way because my current goals are to bulk and gain weight, muscle and size. I’ve joined started training with Muscle Honeyz and they’re really helping me to focus on my goals. I want to get bigger and stronger and I’m working my arse off to reach these goals. In a few months I’ll do  progress post so you can all see how far I’ve come!

St Moriz Tan Review

Being a redhead I don’t really tan so I had never used fake tan either as I assumed I would look stupid. However, last night was my sixth form prom and I decided to take the plunge and try a tan.

I bought the Medium shade of St Moriz tanning mist, for £4, and a Velvotan tanning mit, for £2.50. I have a brief knowledge of self-tanning, I exfoliated and shaved and then applied the tan. For someone with no experience this product is easy to apply. Simply spray a light mist and then rub it in with the mit. This tan is a lovely shade but it is easy to accidently go too dark. The tan took about 2 hours to dry properly which was a little annoying but the its dry enough for clothes and getting in bed, etc.

The colour does show up straight away as this is not a developing tan, however, the next day the tan had gone slightly gingery and as time went on it has become more orange around the feet. The tan has started to fade now, after 48 hours, however it is still dark on my feet and parts of my legs. It has become patchy while it is fading. Another con of this product was what it did to my pores, now I have a bit of an obsession about having clean pores so you can imagine my distress when I realised that all of my pores are not clogged with black fake tan, this was greatly lessened by a deep exfoliation.

Overall, I was pleased with the immediate effects of the tan but not so happy with the later effects. I much prefer being my pale skinned self, and although I’ve had fun being tanned I don’t think I’ll be tanning again anytime soon.

 My dress is from Rare London and
earrings are from H&M.